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Author: By Richard Wakeman , Professor and Head, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Loughborough University, UK Stephen Tarleton , Senior Lecturer, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Loughborough University, UK

ISBN13: 9781856174190

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: 129.00
Pages: 340
Edition: Hardbound
Publish date: september 2005

Solid/fluid separation is a major element in the processes performed in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, water, pulp and paper industries. Several books now exist on the more esoteric aspects of the techniques, but accounts of the fundemental principles involved are few.Written by two well-known chemical engineers, this book reviews the scientific and engineering bases for solid/fluid separation processes in an approachable style. Coverage focuses on fluid dynamics, gravity, centrifugal and membrane separations, filter cake formation, de-liquoring and washing. Complete with an extensive bibliography to allow readers to pursue topics in greater depth.This book will...*Help readers to understand how filtration processes work*Facilitate the application of knowledge to start-up and existing processes, helping readers to improve process performance*Help ensure your equipment is appropriate for its purpose and is working optimally, saving time and moneyAnother volume currently available from the set is: Wakeman & Tarleton: Solid/ Fluid Separation Processes: Equipment Scale-up for Liquid Filtration ISBN: 185617 4204