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Author: Third Edition By Herbert Stone , Tragon Corporation, Redwood City, California Joel Sidel , Tragon Corporation, Redwood City, California

ISBN13: 9780126726909

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: 86.95
Pages: 408
Edition: Hardbound
Publish date: maart 2004

The enjoyment of products is closely related to the senses, and in the case of food - mainly taste, aroma and texture. Sensory evaluation is a dynamic field concentrating on the utilization of humans for the measurement of sensory perceptions and/or their effect on food and taste acceptance.Since 1985 when the first edition of this book was published, there have been many changes in he field of sensory evaluation. Sensory Evaluation Practices, Third Edition provides a critical evaluation of all current developments in the field, recognizing the impact that the discipline has had within academic circles, in business, and the relationships between research developments and their applications. This new edition takes into consideration the impact of data processing systems, as well as the internet and its implications for the future of sensory evaluation.