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Author: Third Edition Edited By K. Sutherland

ISBN13: 9781856174183

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: 1.00
Pages: 180
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: december 2003

The definitive guide to the international fluid sealing industry to help you make the right business decisions. Will help you to keep track of the major issues affecting the market. Will enable you to identify new business opportunities. Includes Market forecasts, commentary and analysis sup.ported by primary research Completely revised and updated, the 3rd edition of Profile of the International Fluid Sealing Industry - Market Prospects to 2008 reviews the markets, technological trends and major manufacturers of fluid seals on a global basis. We have drawn on the expertise from our existing portfolio, Sealing Technology newsletter and World Pumps magazine to bring you vital information, analyses, forecasts that cannot be found anywhere else. The study deals with items and materials used, very largely, in the mechanical engineering sector, to effect hermetic closures or the separation of fluids. It therefore covers gaskets and packings, O-rings and mechanical and bellows seals. Profile of the International Fluid Sealing Industry covers the structure of the industry, highlighting developments, identifying future trends, and looking at recent mergers and acquisitions in the sector. Market estimates and forecasts to 2008, by region and seal type, are presented along with an analysis of the main end-user markets for fluid seals, as well as a technology overview. Forty leading international fluid sealing manufacturers are profiled. A directory of seal manufacturing companies is also included. For a PDF version of the report please call Steve Kimber on +44 (0) 1865 843666 for price details.