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Author: By GRAHAM FOWLES , ICA Controller, Severn Trent Water, UK

ISBN13: 9780750610476

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: 195.00
Pages: 254
Edition: Hardbound
Publish date: januari 1994

This is a definitive guide for engineers to the actual and developing practice in this important area, which is not only essential to those involved in water supply and sewage treatment but also important to those involved in any process industry wherefluid flow plays a part.There are numerous benefits, including efficiency, cost saving and product quality, associated with the use of appropriate instrumentation in any industry. The advantages of effective measurement of flow, level and pressure in the water industry also include safety, hygiene and security of supply. Despite similarities with other process industries, the requirements of the water industry are unique in many ways. This book is the first to describe actual and developing practice in this exciting field for application of new instruments and techniques. Traditionally instrumentation used to measure water flows and levels was mechanical, but a new generation of electromechanical and electronic systems are now available. Much of the instrumentation described in this work is common to all process industries, though never before have operational and technical details used in the water industry have been described explicitly. Graham Fowles is Instrumentation, Control and Automation Controller at Severn Trent Water, UK. He has been an instrument engineer for 25 years, and has spent the last 20 years in the water industry. The measurement techniques and instruments he describes are applicable to all stages of the water cycle, including river monitoring, water supply, distribution and metering, and sewage treatment and disposal. The book is a definitive guide for water engineers which will also be of interest to any engineer concerned with fluid flow, such as in the petrochemical and food industries. - Control & Instrumentation, March 1994