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Food Properties Handbook


ISBN10: 849380057
ISBN13: 9780849380051

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $229.95
Pages: 528
Publish date: augustus 1995

Relative humidity of saturated salt solutions as a function temperature GAB parameters and BET monolayer values for food components and wide variety of foods Heat of adsorption and desorption of a wide variety of foods Glass transition, gelatinization, decomposition, and collapse temperature of food components and wide variety of foods Effect of solute (such as salt and sugar), diluent, heating rate on glass transition and gelatinization Specific heat, enthalpy, latent heat and state of water in food at different temperatures below and above freezing Thermal conductivity and diffusivity of foods as a function of composition, temperature, and porosity Heat transfer coefficient predition correlations for different types of food processing equipmentsThese are only a few examples of the enormous amount of data contained in over 500 pages. 133 Illustrations and 252 tables make it fast and easy for you to find the information you need. This is the first definitive source of data on physical, thermal, and thermodynamic properties of foods. You can solve your problems in food processing, preservation, process design and control, product development, stability determination, and sensory analysis. With this important new book you can access both theoretical and practical data on properties measurement, discover how to apply the data to your specific problems, and make more accurate predictions.