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Roles of Copper in Lipid Metabolism


ISBN10: 849355648
ISBN13: 9780849355646

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $371.00
Pages: 296
Publish date: mei 1990

The influence of dietary carbohydrate on blood lipids The function of the exocrine pancreas as it relates to lipid digestion during copper deficiency The aim of this book is to provide a reference for researchers in the field of trace mineral and lipid metabolism. It addresses the influence of dietary copper status on cholesterol, lipoprotein and apolipoprotein metabolism as well as lipoprotein receptor characteristics. This fascinating volume critically reviews alterations in long chain fatty acid, prostaglandin and cardiac lipid metabolism, as well as arterial morphology induced by copper deficiency. Furthermore, it presents the theoretical relationship plus the anatomical, chemical and physiological similarities between copper deficiency and ischemic heart disease. This reading is indispensable for investigators interested in the role of copper in lipid metabolism.