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Technology of Cheesemaking


ISBN10: 849397448
ISBN13: 9780849397448

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $189.95
Pages: 336
Publish date: december 1999

o Covers science and technology as it applies to the traditional art of cheese making Guides the reader through the stages of cheese manufacture Boasts a list of international contributors from both industry and academia This is a guide to the current science utilized in the manufacture of hard, semi-soft, and soft cheeses. Emphasis is placed on the integration of technology and technique as well as research developments likely to have a commercial impact on the process Technology of Cheesemaking discusses the stages of cheese manufacture at industrial cheese plants from milk process science through curd process science, to cheese ripening science and quality assessment. Molecular genetics, advanced sensor/measurement science, chemometrics, enzymology and flavor chemistry are also discussed. This book provides process technologists, product developers, and research scientists with a complete reference to cheese technology, including the physical , chemical and biological aspects. Features