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Author: Edited By U. Arens , British Nutrition Foundation, London, UK

ISBN13: 9780444500250

Publisher: Elsevier

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Publish date: januari 1999

Food consumed affects many aspects of oral health. The principal association of interest to scientists is that between carbohydrate and dental caries, and this topic forms the focus for the Task Force report. Other aspects of oral health considered include dietary associations with periodontal disease, oral cancer and tooth defects. The Oral Health Task Force is a committee of acknowledged experts in the field of oral health. The members were invited by the British Nutrition Foundation to review the current state of knowledge of the relationships between nutrition and diet and all aspects of oral health. The final report is a thorough review of the subject by experts, and will be essential reading for food and nutrition scientists, dentists, and all those involved in dental and nutrition education and policy making.