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Natural Toxicants in Food: A manual for Experimental Foods, Dietetics and Food Scientists


ISBN10: 849397340
ISBN13: 9780849397349

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $199.95
Pages: 349
Publish date: maart 1998

What the effects of natural toxicants in food have on humans Recent scientific work on natural toxicants in food Key examples of the types of natural toxicants that commonly occur The chemistry and toxicology of natural toxicants Directions for future research Natural toxicants, for which there is no standard definition, are generally understood to be chemicals with potentially toxic effects on human beings as a result of their natural occurrence in food. Natural Toxicants in Food covers areas of current interest related to naturally occurring toxicants found in food that are generated by a variety of sources, including, plants, bacteria, algae, fungi, and animals. Offering broad coverage of the topic, this book addresses such areas as: