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An Atlas of Obesity and Weight Control


ISBN10: 1842140493
ISBN13: 9781842140499

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $129.95
Pages: 136
Publish date: december 2002

Illustrates with beautiful color the etiology, development, and treatment of obesity Contains pertinent clinical guidelines and the latest data on assessment and treatment Describes treatment for obesity by behavior modification, diet, exercise, drugs and surgery Obesity is a chronic, stigmatized disease that is increasing in prevalance. Therapeutic options are limited in their effectiveness and frustration often leads to the discontinuation of any therapy. An Atlas of Obesity and Weight Control is a clearly written, beautifully illustrated color atlas on obesity, including its etiology, development and treatment. The book contains nearly 150 clinical pictures of obesity and its related conditions, as well as many pertinent clinical guidelines and up-to-the-minute data on assessment and treatment. The main chapters cover assessment and prevalence, how obesity develops and how it becomes a health hazard, classification and clinical types of obesity, evaluation and introduction to treatment, behavior modification, diet, exercise, drug treatment and surgical treatment and provide a timely and much-needed overview of current knowledge and practice in the treatment of obesity. The volume concludes with bibliographic references and an index. Nutritionists, internists, bariatric physicians, dieticians, endocrinologists, and medical and academic professionals will find An Atlas of Obesity and Weight Control is an essential reference.