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Environmental Contaminants in Food


ISBN10: 849397359
ISBN13: 9780849397356

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 600
Publish date: maart 1999

Discusses the most versatile and most widely used analytical techniques for quantifying trace levels of specific organic contaminants in food Considers benefits, limitations, and strategies for ensuring data integrity and quality control Examines availability of reliable data, usefulness of databases, and problems in using data to provide meaningful assessments of the risks of exposure to contaminants in food Written by respected scientists from around the world, Environmental Contaminants in Food presents examples of research activities devoted to ensuring that the input of contaminants into foods is minimized. Chapters detail methods of modern instrumental analysis with specific analytes, with risk assessment, and, uniquely, with sensory assessment and tainting. An essential text for food producers, quality assurance personnel, and government agencies Ultimately the source or cause of food contaminants is of relatively minor relevance to consumers, who are more concerned with acute or chronic toxicological effects of exposure to a contaminant. In contrast, food producers and government agencies should strive to minimize environmental contamination of food by studying the uptake, depuration, and movement of contaminants through the food web, by monitoring food products and the environment, and by establishing protocols and legislation to minimize exposure of end users to contaminants in their food. This volume is directed at food scientists and technologists, ingredients suppliers, quality assurance personnel, analytical chemists and public analysts, and chemists and microbiologists working within environmental health laboratories.