Nueva gama de los amplificadores del gusto sanos basados en la levadura

lunes 11 junio 2007

DSM today announced the launch of Sensarite™ - a revolutionary range of taste potentiators created for use in bakery and dairy applications. Developed using proprietary technology based on yeast, Sensarite enables the creation of products which combine great taste with improved nutritional profile. In particular, the Sensarite Salt line responds well to strong consumer demand and growing regulatory pressure for reduced salt intake – allowing a salt reduction of up to 50 per cent.

The Sensarite range offers subtle but wide-ranging effects on the flavour of foods. It can be used to boost saltiness, intensify and balance flavour profiles, and provides strong masking capabilities. By delivering these taste benefits, Sensarite strongly influences the development of healthier products with excellent taste.

Commenting on the launch, Hanneke Veldhuis, Business Manager Sensarite, DSM said: "We have carried out a series of studies at our Food Innovation Centre which, combined with the results of sensory testing, demonstrates the positive impact of using Sensarite in a range of key healthier food applications. Baked goods, for example, can be reformulated with Sensarite to create excellent tasting products with extremely low salt levels. Whilst low fat dairy applications can now benefit from the positive taste enhancing qualities of Sensarite.

“A team of experts is ready to offer customers support and advice throughout – from product creation, where taste is key for continued consumer appeal, through to nutritional claims and marketing support for the end product. This approach will ensure the development of great tasting, healthier product concepts. We are looking forward to Sensarite’s sensational success.

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