Portable Hand-held Electronic Nose (en)

viernes 20 julio 2012

The Cyranose® 320 is an efficient, affordable way to accurately perform on-site analysis. The rugged, handheld and portable electronic nose reduces lab time and is a valuable tool for any quality control professional.

The product incorporates a nanocomposite sensor array and advanced pattern recognition algorithms. In combination, these technologies enable rapid detection and identification of substances based on their chemical profile.

Each Cyranose 320 can be customized to your specific application. First the unit is trained by measuring vapors representative of your process. The measurements are stored as digitized patterns in a database on-board the Cyranose 320. All future measurements are compared to these patterns to identify the vapor.

Currently the Cyranose 320 is used in diverse industries including petrochemical, chemical, food, packaging, plastics, pet food and many more.

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