New Ice Inc. receives patents covering formulation of starch-based packaging material (en)

lunes 19 noviembre 2007

New Ice Inc., a company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of compostable food packaging, has been granted patents that cover the manufacturing of a new class of biodegradable or compostable containers. The process covered by the patents provides an improved method and materials for forming moldable biodegradable containers that can hold food products in dry, damp or wet conditions.

Commented Giles Instone, New Ice founder, “We came up with the concept about six years ago and have spent the intervening time developing and testing the formulation and investing in the concept. Everything is coming together now. We have patent protection in the U.S. and Europe and several other jurisdictions and we expect to soon market a number of products that are functional, cost-effective and truly compostable.

The company initially will be providing products to packagers of fruit and vegetables to be followed by meats and poultry. The products, based on the patents, will use potato starch, which is plentiful, inexpensive and renewable. Starch is also readily biodegradable and does not persist in the environment for a significant period after disposal.

The New Ice product line, available in a few months, will conform to ASTM* D6400 and other international standards for compostable materials and will be able to replace environmentally harmful plastic and Styrofoam food container products. The company is running a pre-production manufacturing line in Durango where it is testing products for prospective customers.

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