New gas analyser with customisable workflow (en)

viernes 23 julio 2010

Increased process safety for testing of modified atmosphere packaging WITT, the gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier, now offers its “MAPY 4.0” premium gas analyser in a new version that standardises and therefore optimises the test process of MAP packages

A new feature enables the definition of a workflow for checking the modified atmosphere in food packages, allowing the manufacturer to ensure that unexperienced (changing) users follow a standardised process and always perform accurate measurements.

The quality manager can determine the data to be entered mandatorily by the employee. In this case, e.g. the name, product, packaging line and batch are inquired subsequently like in a questionnaire. The information can be entered conveniently via a barcode reader or touchscreen display. Measurements can be started only after all data are available. Thus the quality management department is provided with complete and comprehensible documentation. The quality manager can also require a minimum number of measurements to be performed.

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