Maltitol jarabe como substituto de las azúcares

jueves 15 marzo 2007

In order to meet the increasing demand for sugars substitutes, Syral is now launching its range of Maltitol syrups under the brand name of Maltilite®.

Maltitol syrup is a calorie-reducing bulk-sweetener with a pleasant sweet taste and a rheology similar to sucrose. It is used in the manufacture of a large variety of sugar-free and calorie-reduced foodstuffs, as well as for diabetics’ foods. Maltilite® is non-cariogenic and as such is highly appreciated for sugar-free chewing-gum and very much used in oral care

Maltilite® is a nutritional ingredient which targets the growing market of calorie-reduced foodstuffs, widely consumed by people concerned by their well-being as well as by obese and overweight people. In 2006, about 200 new food articles containing maltitol syrups have been launched in Europe.

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