Llene los zumos del agua y de fruta de higiene mejorada, comprable

lunes 19 marzo 2007

The water market is increasingly demanding in terms of hygiene, precision and performances. Our solution is a new series of machines with advanced features anticipating market developments.

A simple filling valve based on aseptic concepts
The filling valve and product circuits for the Simonazzi Eurotronica FM-S have been designed with a specific aim: create a new system with improved hygienic features at an affordable cost, comparable to traditional mechanical systems. The result is a device that can fill water and fruit juices (including those with pulp), with no moving seals in contact with the product. Sealing is effected by a compression seal, whilst separation between the product and mechanical parts is effected with a membrane. The system is able to fill containers with no contact between bottle and filling valve and has two filling speeds for increased precision and less risk of foaming for juices during filling.

A self-tuning volumetric dosing system

High hygienic performances

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