Innofill DRV pressurised filling system without lifting elements.

jueves 5 abril 2007

Innofill DRV
Beverages: Carbonated products, Fruit juices, Mineral water, Non-carbonated products, Softdrinks, Spritzer
The world's first pressure filling system that operates entirely without lifting elements.

All valve functions are pneumatically controlled. This not only minimizes the expenditure on maintenance and consumables, but the Innofill DRV also achieves very precise fill volumes - regardless of pressure variations - due to non-contact, infinitely adjustable filling volume measurement using an electromagnetic inductive flowmeter, and thus provides a considerable savings potential.

Another plus point is that the short conversion time required for product and bottle changeover ensures high system availability on a wide front. All sequences are automated and all processes are automatically documented and are reproducible.

The bottom line: the computer-controlled single-chamber pressure filling system (three-chamber version optional) is first-rate when it comes to the precision bottling of widely differing beverages (soft drinks, mineral water, and non-carbonated products) in plastic bottles.

Four different ways of realization:
  1. DRV-VF: Pressure-filling of carbonated beverages
  2. DRV-VF/N: As 1, but also pressureless filling of non-carbonated products
  3. DRV-VF/D: As 1, and also microbiologically sensitive products with separate return gas control
  4. DRV-VF/DN: All the above filling variations can be selected

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