El horno directo barato del gas da perfil llama-asado del sabor a la carne (en)

miércoles 26 diciembre 2007

The JSO III Direct Gas Jet Stream® oven from FMC FoodTech is now available for processors to test meat products in the FMC FoodTech Food Processing Technology and Training Center in Sandusky, Ohio. With a low initial cost, simple design and impingement airflow, this open-flame oven is ideal for high-temperature processing and products requiring a unique, flame-broiled flavor profile, such as burgers, sausage and other red meat products.

Unmatched in performance, the JSO III is a continuous-process, high-intensity impingement oven that utilizes vertical airflow to deliver fast cooking with excellent product browning. Dual burners and dual fans provide high-heat-intensity power to deliver the desired product color and flavor profiles on the most challenging applications.

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