A fully crevice free self-cleaning filter for sanitary applications (en)

lunes 7 noviembre 2011

The Russell Hygiene Filter™ is a specifically designed self-cleaning filter to meet the demands of the food and pharmaceutical industries, where product quality cannot be compromised. Utilising the latest manufacturing techniques and applying key industry standards makes it the highest specification filter on the market.

This filter has been designed in accordance with the hygienic machinery standard BS EN ISO 14159:2008 and food contact regulation EU1935/2004 to provide a high-clean, fully crevice free filter for uncompromised cleaning between batches. Every component has been carefully designed to eliminate all crevices and bug traps to allow for sanitary standard cleaning. In addition, all product contact parts are polished to less than 0.6Ra as standard (0.1Ra is available if required) providing a superior finish.

The Russell Hygiene Filter™ provides the following benefits:

Sanitary design – Crevice free design allowing for superior cleaning between batches, eliminating bug traps and risk of contamination

High specification finish – All product contact parts crevice free and polished to less than 0.6 Ra as standard

Meets industry standards – Compliant to BS EN ISO 14159:2008 and EU1935/2004

Dismantles completely – Designed to completely dismantle, enabling rapid and thorough clean down

The Russell Hygiene Filter™ requires no tools for cleaning or maintenance and dismantles completely enabling one operator to disassemble the filter quickly. This increases productivity of your operators and your production process. The filter is also fully enclosed preventing airborne contamination and safeguarding the health and safety of your operators.

In addition to its sanitary design, the Russell Hygiene Filter™ also incorporates the unique self-cleaning design of the Russell Eco Filter®. This enables continuous removal of oversize contamination as fine as 10 micron, achieved by continuously cleaning the apertures of the filter element. As a result this saves you money by successfully removing oversize product and ensuring minimal loss of good product. Also, unlike traditional bag or cartridge filters it uses a reusable, reduced crevice filter element which eliminates the cost and environmental implications associated with replacement filter media.

Russell Hygiene Filter™

A hygienic wiper assembly for the Russell Hygiene Filter™

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