Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo (en)

miércoles 22 julio 2009 - viernes 24 julio 2009

Processed seafood
Seasonings & food additives
Food processing machinery and related equioment
Packaging and physical distribution equipment and service
Kitchen equipment and cooking appliances
Refrigerators, freezers, thawing machines, related equipment and technology
HACCP-supporting machinery, services and food sanitation management machinery, related equipment and technology
Wastewater disposal machinery and technology
Computer systems and software for restaurant maangement
Fishing ground conservation, marine environment conservation technology and fishery biomass technology
Fishery, nursery and aquaculture technologies, feed for aquaculture
Environment-friendly and conservation equipment, technology and materials

Tokyo International Exhibition Center "Tokyo Big Sight" East 2,3 Hall, Japan

Japan Seafood Show / Exhibition Technologies, Inc.

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