FOOD & PHARMA PACK 2009 (en)

miércoles 1 abril 2009 - jueves 2 abril 2009

When easyFairs LIVSMEDELSPRODUKTION (food production) and PHARMA PRODUCTION was held for the third time, in April 2008, it was a huge success. Exhibitors and visitors thought it was the best trade fair yet.

Surveys were distributed to all visitors after the trade fair to collect opinions on how to make the trade fair even better. In these, 75% said that they wanted more packaging products and suppliers, preferably as a separate yet parallel trade fair. This is why we have now decided to focus only on packaging for the food and pharmaceuticals industry, by holding easyFairs FOOD & PHARMA PACK. This is the first packaging trade fair dedicated to the industry.

Skåne and Öresund are unrivalled in Scandinavia as the market on which most food and pharmaceutical manufacturers are established. 115,000 people are employed in these areas, which 30% of the working population. This is why it’s natural for the trade fairs to be held in Malmö.
All the decision-makers from all food and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Sweden and Denmark will be invited. This is why easyFairs FOOD & PHARMA PACK is a must if you want to do business.

MalmöMässan, Malmö, Sweden


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