CIBUS TEC 2009 (en)

martes 27 octubre 2009 - viernes 30 octubre 2009

Cibus Tec, Food Processing&Packaging Exhibition 2009 Edition will run in Parma, Italy, from October 27 to 30. This edition presents innovatory thematic sectors and aims at a major internationalization -Turkey will be Cibus Tec 2009 focus country - supporting the visit of foreign delegations, buyers and international visitors. Cibus Tec 2009 with its new partner UCIMA (Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association) are already committed to the special edition dedicated to traceability and food safety, which will run simultaneously with Milan 2015 Expo.

Focus on food safety and traceability
“Traceability” is increasingly assuming importance for manufacturers, in terms of provisions of the law -mainly agrofood and pharmaceutical legislation- in terms of consumers’ better education and consequent major exigency, but also as a tool for brands’ better competitiveness and protection.
Traceability begins with automatic identification and besides the barcode consolidated technology, innovatory systems such as RFID and voice directed work, are being developed.
Fiere di Parma and the magazine Data Collection will advertise this soon to be absolutely necessary technology, during TRACE ID, a two-day event combining exhibition and conferences, on October 28 and 29. Latest projects/solutions and ultimate discoveries will be presented together with a demonstration unit carried out by Parma University RFID Lab.
Cibus Tec 2009 and UCIMA will dedicate a full day of study to bottling technologies, bringing together the food liquids bottling international main players. And also, Industrial fresh pasta, cold chain, agripharmacy, biotechnologies, food processing discards optimization.
Notwithstanding these changes, Cibus Tec main structure remains firmly based on the traditional three sectors: Tecnoconserve (fruit and vegetable processing technology) Milc (dairy and cheese technology with a special eye on trend products); Multitecno (packaging, labelling, hygiene, safety, traceability and identification technology).

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