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Index page for: Psychotropic Bacteria in FoodsDisease and Spoilage

Table of Contents OVERVIEW, LOW TEMPERATURES, SPOILAGE ORGANISMS, PATHOGENS AND FOODSHealth Hazards vs. Food SpoilagePsychrotrophic Spoilage Bacteria, Meat SpoilageSpoilage of Cured Meats and Other Meat ItemsPoultry SpoilageSpoilage of Eggs and FishSpoilage of Dairy Products, Vegetables, Fruits, and Other FoodsManifestations of Spoilage by Psychrotrophic Bacteria, Spoilage Changes in Foods of Animal OriginPsychrotrophic PathogensPathogens Surviving Low TemperaturesCONTROL BY LOW TEMPERATURESRefrigeration and Freezing