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Handbook of Food Analysis Instruments


ISBN10: 1420045660
ISBN13: 9781420045666

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $169.95
Pages: 544
Publish date: abril 2008

Covers all instruments used in food analysis Presents such novel analysis instruments as microwave-assisted process and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Discusses data analysis techniques Includes color plates illustrations Because the presence and interactions of various compounds in foods during storage and processing impact all aspects of quality, the analysis of foods is a critical endeavor, moreover, the application of proper methods is crucial. During the past century, analytical methods evolved considerably to include the use of increasingly sophisticated instruments. Handbook of Food Analysis Instruments focuses on the origin, concept, and use of these instruments. Each chapter presents a specific type of instrument, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, microwave-assisted process, and more. The operating principles, definitions, theory, and applications to food analysis are examined for every instrument covered in the text.

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