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Index page for: Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Lipids

Table of Contents The Role of Lipids in Food Quality, Anna Kolakowska and Zdzislaw E. SikorskiLipids in Food Structures, Angeles Lluch, Isabel Perez-Munera, and Isabel HernandoNomenclature, Structure, and Properties of Lipids, David S. Nichols and Kevin SandersonRheological Properties of Lipids, Tadeusz MatuszekPhospholipids, Jan Pokorn? Cholesterol and Phytosterols, Erwin WasowiczFat-soluble Vitamins, Malgorzata Nogala-KaluckaLipid Oxidation in Food Systems, Anna KolakowskaLipid Analysis, David S. NicholsRole of Lipids in Nutrition, Roman CichonPlant Lipids and Oils, Jan Pokorn? and Lucie Park?nyiov?Fish Lipids, Anna Kolakowska, June Olley, and Graeme A. DunstanMilk Lipids, Zofia ZegarskaEgg Lipids, Waldemar Ternes Modified Lipids and Fat Mimetics, Wlodzimierz Bednarski and Marek AdamczakFrying Fats, Dimitrios BoskouLipid-Protein and Lipid-Saccharide Interaction, Jan Pokorn? and Anna Kolakowska