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Index page for: Rice Science and Technology

Table of Contents Part 1 Storage: Brown rice stabilization, Elaine T. Champagne, storage stability of extrusion stabilized and parboiled rice bran, Don R. McCaskill and Frank T. Orthoefer, effect of storage on the physicochemical properties and quality factors of rice, Joseph Chrastil. Part 2 Quality: Breeding for rice quality, Kent S. McKenzie, new methods for the evaluation of rice quality and related terminology, David E. Kohlwey, degree of milling, James I. Wadsworth, the influence of rice protein on rice quality, Bruce R. Hamaker, enrichment of rice, Diane W. Hoffpauer and Salmen L. Wright III, starch gelatinization in brown and milled rice - a study using differential scanning calorimetry, Wayne E. Marshall. Part 3 Processing: New methods and equipment for processing rice, Robert S. Satake, parboiling rice with microwave energy, Lakshman Velupillai, new methods for on-the-farm rice drying - solar and biomass, Lalit R. Verma, microwave-vacuum drying, James I. Wadsworth, role of moisture content in affecting head rice yield, Terry J. Siebenmorgen. Part 4 Utilization: Processing and utilization of rice bran in the United States, Keith L. Hargrove, Jr., food applications for modified rice starches, Roy N. Sharp and Carolyn Q. Sharp, rice bran oil and its health benefits, Robert J. Nicolosi, Eugene J. Rogers, et al, changing market demands for rice and rice products, Richard A. Meyers.