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Index page for: Ginger: The Genus Zingiber

Table of Contents Introduction, P.N. Ravindran and K. Nirmal BabuBotany and Crop Improvement of Ginger, P.N. Ravindran, K. Nirmal Babu, and K.N. ShivaChemistry of Ginger, Gaston Vernin and Cyril ParkanyiTissue Culture and Biotechnology of Ginger, K. Nirmal Babu, K. Samsudeen, Minoo Divakaran, Geetha S. Pillai, and P.N. RavindranGinger Production in India and Other South Asian Countries, E.V. Nybe and N. Mini RajGinger Production in South East Asia, Ai Xizhen, Song Jinfeng, and Xu XiaGinger Production in Africa and Pacific Ocean Islands, P.A. OkwuowuluDiseases of Ginger, N.P. DohrooBacterial Diseases of Ginger and their Control, A. Kumar and A.C. HaywardInsect Pests of Ginger, S. Devasahayam and K.M. Abdulla KoyaPost Harvest and Industrial Processing of Ginger, K.V. BalakrishnanProduction, Marketing and Economics of Ginger, M.S. MadanPharmacology of Ginger, Ikuko Kimura, Leonora R. Pancho, and Hiroshi TsunekiMedicinal Properties and Uses of Ginger, R. Remadevi, E. Surendran, and P. N. RavindranGinger as Spice and Flavourant, K.S. PremavalliYield Gaps Constraints in Ginger, K.V. Peter, E.V. Nybe, and Alice KurienOther Economically Important Zingiber Species, M. Sabu and Dave Skinner