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Index page for: Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs in Health Promotion

Table of Contents Plants and Animal Estrogens in MenopauseCoenzyme Q10 and Heart Disease and Health PromotionJapanese Vegetable Juice, Aojiru, and Health PromotionThe Immunomodulatory Potential of PhytochemicalsNutrients in Cognitive DisorderAntioxidants as Therapies of Diseases of Old AgeNutrition and Stress in Cause and Prevention of Eye Diseases of Old AgeFruits and Vegetables and Cancer Risk of the AgedVegetable Extract Supplements: Nutritional and Biomedical EffectsNutrients and Vegetables: Protection from Sun DamageVegetables and Their Antioxidants in Reducing Tobacco Smoke ToxicityFunctional Medicine Diets to Attenuate Neurodegenerative DiseasesCranberries and Disease PreventionTaste and Vegetable and Fruit Intake in the AgedGastrointestinal Nutritional Problems in the Aged: Role in Vegetable and Fruit UseFoods That Reduce Stress: Immune ManagementTomatoes and Their Extract in Health PromotionRole of Fruits and Vegetables and Their Extracts in Preventing OsteoporosisSoybean and Soybean Phytochemicals: Prospects for Cancer and Disease PreventionGarlic and Health PromotionWine and GrapesHerbal and Alternative MedicineAlternative Medicine From a European PerspectiveDietary Intervention Strategy