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Table of Contents FOOD AND OBESITYLipid Metabolism: Its Role in Energy Regulation and Obesity, M. Leonhardt and W. LanghansHunger and Satiety: Relation to Body Weight Control, H.F.J Hendriks, W.J. Pasman, A. Stafleu and W.A.M. BlomGlycemic Control, Insulin Resistance and Obesity, I. Aeberli and M. ZimmermannControlling Lipogenesis and Thermogenesis and the Use of Ergogenic Aid for Weight Control, A. Palou and M.L. BonetFood Ingredients Implicated in Obesity: Sugars and Sweeteners, G.H. Anderson, T. Akhavan and R. MendelsonINGREDIENTS FROM GRAINS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FOR WEIGHT CONTROLb-Glucans, J.-A. Nazare, M. Laville, C. G. Biliaderis, A. Lazaridou, G . ?nning, M. Salmenkallio-Marrtila and A. TriantafyllouNon-Digestible Oligosaccharides, N.M. Delzenne, P.D. Cani, E. Delm?e, and A.M. NeyrinckResistant Starch, A.M. Birkett and I.L. BrownModified Carbohydrates with Lower Glycemic Index, B.R. Hamaker, G. Zhang and M. VenkatachalamNovel Ingredients for Weight Loss: New Developments, J D StowellDAIRY INGREDIENTS AND LIPIDS FOR WEIGHT CONTROLDietary and Supplemental Calcium and Its Role in Weight Loss: Weighing the Evidence, G. Gerstner, and M de VreseConjugated Fatty Acids (CLA), Body Composition and Weight Control, J.L. SebedioOmega-3 Fatty Acids and Other PUFAs and Weight Control, M. S?fhede Winzell and B. Ahr?nMedium-Chain and Structured Triglycerides (MCTs): Their Role in Weight Control, I. Rudkowska and P.J.H. JonesTrans-Free Oils and Fats, E. Fl?ter and G. van Duijn, Unilever Research and Development Vlaardingen