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Index page for: Handbook of Food Spoilage Yeasts, Second Edition

Table of Contents Characteristics and Properties of Foodborne Yeasts Morphological and Physiological Characteristics Biochemical Characteristics Molecular Characteristics Classification of Yeasts Traditional Classification Molecular Taxonomy and Phylogeny Current Classification of Yeasts Overview of Selected Yeast Taxa Ecology Biodiversity of Yeasts in Natural Habitats Ecological Factors Outline of Metabolism Nutrients Substrate Transport Intermediary Metabolism Alcoholic Fermentation Oxidative Processes Regulation Growth, Life Cycle, Death Growth Characteristics Death and Inactivation Cell Cycle Stress Responses Preservation: Inhibition and Inactivation Heat inactivation Refrigeration and Freezing Dehydration (Drying) Irradiation Alternative and Novel Preservation Technologies Chemical Inhibition Sanitizers and Disinfectants Combined Effects Yeasts in Specific Types of Foods Fruits Fruit Juices and Soft Drinks Vegetables Alcoholic Beverages Fermented Foods Bread and Bakery Products High-Sugar Products Dairy Products Meat, Poultry, Fish and Seafoods Detection and Enumeration Conventional Enumeration Techniques Selective and Differential Media Rapid and Alternative Methods Identification Phenotypic Identification Procedures Identification Kits and Systems Simplified Identification Schemes Computer-Assisted Identification Non-Traditional Identification Techniques Molecular Techniques Outlook Potential Exploitation of Yeasts Beyond Making Bread, Beer and Wine Improvement of Yeast Strains Used in Production Genomics Appendices Media for Detection, Enumeration and Identification of Foodborne Yeasts Simplified Identification for the Most Common Foodborne Yeasts Index of Scientific NamesSubject Index