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Index page for: Engineering Properties of Foods, Third Edition

Table of Contents New! Mass-Volume-Area Related Properties of Foods, M. Rahman Rheological Properties of Fluid Foods, M. Rao Rheological Properties of Solid Foods, V. Rao and X. Quintero Thermal Properties of Unfrozen Foods, P. Nesvadba Thermal Properties of Frozen Foods, R. Singh New! Properties Relevant to Infrared Heating of Foods, A. Datta and M. Almeida Thermodynamic Properties of Foods in Dehydration, S. Rizvi Mass Transfer Properties of Foods, G. Saravacos and Z. Maroulis Physicochemical and Engineering Properties Foods in Membrane Separation Processes, D. Rana, T. Matsuura and S. Sourirajan New! Electrical Conductivity of Foods, S. Sastry Dielectric Properties of Foods, A. Datta , G. Sumnu, and G. Raghavan New! Ultrasound Properties, M. McCarthy, L. Wang, and K. McCarthy New! Kinetic Data for Biochemical and Microbiological Processes during Thermal Processing, A. Van Loey, C. Smout, Indrawati, and M. Hendrick New! Gas Exchange Properties of Fruit and Vegetables , B. Nicolai, J. Lammertyn, W. Schotsmans, and B. Verlinden Surface Properties, J. McGuire New! Colorimetric Properties of Foods, F. Francis