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Index page for: Sausage Manufacture: Principles and Practice

Table of Contents Introduction Prospects for sausage manufactureChallenges facing the sectorDefinition of SausagesShapeTypeMeat contentSausage Market Trends Product Formulation Recipe information for a skinless frankfurterRecipe information for premium pork sausagesFunctional ingredients/additives in sausageManufacturingProduction Stages Raw material procurementRaw material intake Raw material storage and preparationBowl chopping Vacuum filling Cooking Smoking Peeling Packaging, labelling and palletisation Metal detection Frozen storage/distributionSausage Quality and Safety Management Quality managementSafety managementNovel Products New sausage product development Organic sausagesVegetarian sausagesLow fat sausagesLow salt/sodium sausagesExotic/gourmet recipes Appendix 1: List of permitted food additives Appendix 2: Quality assurance: supplier information/evaluation form Appendix 3: Quality assurance: delivery inspection record for meat Appendix 4: Quality assurance: delivery inspection record for dry goods Appendix 5: Quality assurance: delivery inspection record for packaging Appendix 6: HACCP process flow diagram for cooked sausages Appendix 7: HACCP plan for cooked sausages