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Table of Contents Introduction, Shridhar K. Sathe and N. Rukma ReddyA Global Estimate of Phytic Acid and Phosphorus in Crop Grains, Seeds, and Fruits, John N.A. Lott, Irene Ockenden, Victor Raboy, and Graeme D. BattenOccurrence, Distribution, Content, and Dietary Intake of Phytate, N. Rukma ReddyBiosynthesis of Phytate in Food Grains and Seeds, Frank A. LoewusGenetics of Phytic Acid Synthesis and Accumulation, Victor Raboy, Kevin A. Young, Steven R. Larson, and Allen CookPhytase Expression in Transgenic Plants, Elizabeth A. GrabauStability of Plant and Microbial Phytases, Brian Q. PhillippyMethods for Analysis of Phytate, Erika Skoglund and Ann-Sofie SandbergIn vitro and in vivo Degradation of Phytate, Ann-Sofie SandbergInfluence of Processing Technologies on Phytate and Its Removal, Shridhar K. Sathe and Mahesh VenkatachalamThe Antioxidant Effects of Inositol Phosphates, John R. Burgess and Feng GaoPotential Use of Phytate as an Antioxidant in Cooked Meats, Daren P. CornforthPhytate and Mineral Bioavailability, Connie M. Weaver and Srimathi KannanRole of Phytic Acid in Cancer and Other Diseases, Mazda Jenab and Lilian U. Thompson