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Index page for: Computerized Control Systems in the Food Industry

Table of Contents Introduction and tools: process controls in food industry: problems and solutions, computer-based instrumentation: sensors for in-line measurements, food process modelling and simulation. Basic: computerized process control systems: basics, neuro-fuzzy technology for computerized automation, fuzzy controls for food processes, image processing and its applications in food process control. Applications - unit operations: computer-based fermentation process control, process control for thermal processing, automatic controls of drying processes, computerized food freezing/chilling operations, separation processes for the food industry: process models for effective computer control, computerized food warehouse automation, computer-based control systems in food packaging. Applications - food manufacturing: computerized automation/controls in dairy processing, computerized controls in meat processing, computerized process controls in industrial cooking operations, computerized process controls for bakery/cereal industry, computer-based controls in fish processing industry, computer integrated manufacturing with food industry.