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Index page for: The Chemistry of Oils and Fats: Sources, Composition, Properties, and Uses

Table of Contents Oils and fats: sources and constituentsIntroductionSpecificationsMajor oils and fatsMinor vegetable oilsAnimal FatsMajor and Minor ComponentsOils and Fats in the Market PlaceExtraction, refining and processingExtractionRefining ProcessingStructure of fatty acids and lipidsIntroductionFatty-acid NomenclatureFatty Acids - Main Structural FeaturesSaturated AcidsMonoene AcidsMethylene-interrupted Polyene AcidsOther Unsaturated AcidsBranched Chain and Cyclic AcidsOxygenated AcidsHalogenated Fatty AcidsIntroduction to Lipid StructureAcylglycerolsWax EstersGlycosyldiacylglycerolsPhospholipidsEther LipidsSphingolipidsChemical and Biological Synthesis of Fatty Acids and LipidsFatty Acid SynthesisAcylglycerol SynthesisPhospolipid SynthesisShingolipid SynthesisFatty-acid BiosynthesisLipid BiosynthesisIsolation ProceduresAnalytical ProceduresIntroductionClassical Analytical ProceduresPresent-day analytical TechniquesLipid AnalysisPhysical PropertiesPolymorphism, Crystal Structure and Melting PointSpectroscopic PropertiesOther Physical PropertiesChemical Properties Related to Unsaturated CentersHydrogenationOxidation Through Reaction with OxygenBiological OxidationOther Oxidation ReactionsHalogenationStereomutationMetathesisDouble Bond Migration and CyclizationDimerizationNeighboring Group ParticipationFriedel-Crafts Acylation and Related ReactionsChemical Properties Related to the Carboxyl GroupIntroduction HydrolysisEsterificationAcid Chlorides, Acid Anhdrides, and Ketene DimersPeroxy Acids and EstersLong-Chain AlcoholsAcetals/ketals and OrthoestersNitrogen-containing CompoundsSulfonation and other Reactions at the Alpha positionBarton ReactionNutritional propertiesDietary Fat - Sources and CompositionDigestion, Absorption, and TransportEssential Fatty AcidsRecommendations of Dietary IntakeCholesterol and PhytosterolsConjugated Linoleic AcidRole of Fats in Health and DiseaseFunctional Foods Edible Uses of Oils and FatsSpreads: Butter and GheeSpreads: Margarine and VanspatiBaking fats, doughs, and shorteningsFrying Oils and FatsSalad Oils, Mayonnaise and dSalad Cream and French DressingsChocolate and Confectionery FatsIce CreamIncorporation of Vegetable Oils into Dairy ProductsEdible Coatings and Spray ProcessingEmulsifying AgentsNon-edible uses of oils and fatsIntroductionBasic OleochemicalsSurfactantsPersonal Care ProductsLubricantsBiodieselGlycerolDibasic AcidsDimers, Isostearic Acid, Estolides, Guerbet Alcohols, and AcidsOleochemicals from Castor OilSurface Coatings and InksEpoxides, Hydroxy Acids, PolyurethanesIndex * All chapters contain Bibliography and References