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Index page for: Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health in Early Life

Table of Contents First Steps to Optimal Health and Fitness Throughout LifePotential for HealthHistorical AspectsPhysiology of ChildrenSecular Trend: Acceleration of GrowthThe Influence of Environmental FactorsWhat Are the Aims?Theoretical Considerations: What Can We Learn from the Natural and Experimental Models?Influence of Diet in Early Life and Its Delayed EffectsThe Influence of Increased Physical Activity During Pregnancy on Later Development of the OffspringInfluence of Other Factors During PregnancyExercise During Pre- and Postnatal Ontogeny and the Cardiac Microstructure of the OffspringInfluence of Physical Activity on the Development of Experimental Cardiac NecrosisInfluence of the Interactions Between Early Diet and Physical Activity on Experimental Cardiac NecrosisGeneral ConsiderationsNutrition of Mothers During Pregnancy and Its Influence on Their Children: Human StudiesVariability in Practices During Pregnancy and Lactation in Different SocietiesPosition in Industrially Developed CountriesThe Influence of Heredity on Health Risk Factors in the OffspringThe Influence of the Mother's Physical Status on the OffspringRelationships Between Anthropometric, Dietary, and Blood Lipid Variables of the Mother and NewbornGeneral ConsiderationsGrowth and Somatic Development of Preschool ChildrenCross-Sectional Surveys of Anthropometric VariablesLongitudinal Surveys of Children From 3 to 6 Years OldBody Composition and Fat PatternsSomatotypesBody PostureRelationships Between Height and Weight of Parents and Anthropometric Variables in Their ChildrenOther SurveysGeneral ConsiderationsNutritional Status and Dietary Intake in Early LifeEnergy RequirementsProtein RequirementsFatsCarbohydratesMinerals and Trace ElementsVitaminsMethods for the Evaluation of Dietary IntakeDietary Intake and Energy Output in Czech Preschoolers: Results of Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal SurveysFood Intake and Energy Output in Other Child PopulationsConsiderations on the Recommended Dietary Allowances for Preschool Children: Is There a Need for Revision?Functional Development During Early ChildhoodComplexity of Physical FitnessCardiorespiratory FitnessMotor and Sensomotor Development: Gross and Fine MotoricsMetabolic and Biochemical CharacteristicsStudies of Biochemical Variables, Blood Pressure, and Fatness in Other PopulationsGeneral Considerations in the Functional Development of Preschool ChildrenThe Influence of Different Degrees of Dietary Intake on Physical Fitness DevelopmentGrowth and DevelopmentThe Influence of Different Degrees of Nutrition: Marginal MalnutritionSurveys of Populations Varying in Dietary IntakeThe Influence of Severe MalnutritionProblems of Child LaborThe Development of Obesity and Its Impact on the Functional Capacity of ChildrenObesity in Young ChildrenMethods for the Evaluation of Depot Fat and Body Composition Used for ChildrenResults of Studies in Developing Obese SubjectsThe Influence of Reducing TreatmentGeneral Considerations: Validity of Exercise and Monitored Diet at an Early AgeThe Influence of Environmental FactorsThe Influence of Living Conditions in the Capital and Other Parts of the CountryEconomic Level and Birth RankEnvironment, Risk Pregnancy, Family Conditions, and HealthBirth WeightFamily SituationEducation of ParentsHealth Status of ChildrenGeneral ConsiderationsThe Impact of Motor Stimulation, Physical Activity, and Spontaneous Physical EducationMotor Development and Stimulation of InfantsExperimental Observations on the Impact of Motor Stimulation in InfantsToddlersMotor Development and Education of Children Aged 3 to 6 YearsInfluence of Exercise on PreschoolersSpontaneous Physical Activity, Somatic and Functional Development, Food Intake, and Blood LipidsGeneral ConsiderationsCriteria for the Evaluation of Morphological and Functional Development In Preschool Children: RecommendationsBody Size and Body CompositionFunctional Measurements: Cardiorespiratory FitnessMotor DevelopmentSensomotor DevelopmentDietary Intake and Biochemical CharacteristicsSummary of Experimental ResultsStudies in the Experimental Models with Laboratory AnimalsObservations on the Influence of Maternal Nutrition on the NewbornMorphological and Functional Surveys in Preschool ChildrenSurveys of Children with Various Environmental Conditions and Different NutritionThe Influence of ExercisePerspectives: Physical Activity, Early Prevention and Development of Positive HealthAppendices ReferencesTablesFigure CaptionsFiguresIndex