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Index page for: Nutrition and Wound Healing

Table of Contents Overview of Nutrition and Wound Healing, J. A. MolnarCarbohydrates and Wound Healing, C. Ireton-Jones and G. U. LiepaFat and Wound Healing, J. J. TurekProtein and Wound Healing, M. L. Dylewski and Y.-M. YuGlutamine and Wound Healing, M. B. Schoemann, C. D. Bechtold, S. Agrawal, and C. W. LentzArginine and Wound Healing, V. Ahuja, M. Rizk, and A. BarbulWater-Soluble B Vitamins and Wound Healing, G. U. Liepa, C. Ireton-Jones, H. Basu, and C. R. BaxterVitamin C and Wound Healing, H. Tanaka and J. A. MolnarFat-Soluble Vitamins and Wound Healing, M. M. GottschlichTrace Elements and Wound Healing, T. G. BaumgartnerNutrition and Wound Healing in Burns, Trauma, and Sepsis, C. A. Watters, E. E. Tredget, and C. CooperNutrition and Wound Healing in Cancer, P. Shen and S. MartinNutrition and Wound Healing at the Age Extremes, H. G. Piper, P. Javid, and T. JaksicPharmacological Manipulation of the Healing Wound: The Role of Hormones, R. H. DemlingIndex