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Index page for: Nutrition and Alcohol: Linking Nutrient Interactions and Dietary Intake

Table of Contents OVERVIEW OF NUTRITION AND ALCOHOLAlcohol and Nutrition: An Integrated PerspectiveAnti-oxidant and Pro-oxidant Effects of Alcoholic Beverages: Relevance to Cardiovascular DiseaseALCOHOL AND LIVER DISEASENutritional Factors in the Pathogenesis of Alcoholic Liver Disease: An UpdateEthanol and Methyl Transfer: Its Role in Liver Disease and HepatocarcinogenesisAlcohol and Nutrition as Risk Factors for Chronic Liver DiseaseALCOHOL AND HEART DISEASEAlcohol and Cardiovascular DiseaseAlcohol, Inflammation, and Coronary Heart DiseaseDeleterious Effects of Alcohol Intoxication on the Heart: Arrhythmias to CardiomyopathiesALCOHOL: METABOLISM AND METABOLITESAlcohol, Nutrition, and Recovery of Brain FunctionNutritional Modulation of the Expression of Alcohol and Aldehyde Dehydrogenases and Alcohol MetabolismGenetic Aspects of Alcohol MetabolismMeasuring Energy Intake in Alcohol DrinkersThe Effect of Diet on Protein Modification by Ethanol Metabolites in Tissues Damaged in Chronic Alcohol AbuseDietary Arachidonnic Acid and AlcoholProtein Metabolism in Alcohol Misuse and ToxicityALCOHOL AND NUTRIENTSSoy Products: Affection, Alcohol Absorption, and MetabolismAlcohol and Retinoid InteractionPlasma Lipids, Lipoproteins, and AlcoholAlcohol-Induced Membrane Lipid PeroxidationAlcohol, Overweight, and ObesityAlcohol Use During Lactation: Effects on the Mother and the Breastfeeding InfantAlcohol, Acetaldehyde, and Digestive Tract CancerMinerals/Electrolytes Related Diseases Induced by Alcohol