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Index page for: Ageing Well: Nutrition, Health, and Social Interventions

Table of Contents Introduction, A. D. Dangour, E.M.D. Grundy, and A.E. FletcherNutritional Concerns in Old Age, L. de Groot and W.A. van StaverenRegular Exercise-the Best Investment for Our Old Age, M.E.T. McMurdoMajor Eye Diseases of Later Life: Cataract and Age-Related Macular Degeneration, A.E. FletcherReminiscence in Everyday Talk between Older People and Their Carers: Implications for the Quality of Life of Older People in Care Homes, F. Wilson, K. McKee, H. Elford, M.C. Chung,F. Goudie, and S. HinchliffRetention of Cognitive Function in Old Age: Why Initial Intelligence is Important, L.J. WhalleyHealth Inequalities in Old Age in Britain, E. BreezeDemographic Change, Family Support, and Ageing Well: Developed Country Perspectives, E.M.D. GrundyEnergy Efficiency and the Health of Older People, P. WilkinsonAgeing, Health, and Welfare: An Economic Perspective, C. NormandMethodological Issues in Assessing the Cost Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve the Health of Older People, D. Walker and C. AedoMinimum Income for Healthy Living: Physical Activity, Anti-ageing, Autonomy, J. Morris, A.D. Dangour, C. Deeming,A. E. Fletcher, and P. WilkinsonResponding to Increasing Human Longevity: Policy, Practice, and Research, D. MetzIndex