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Index page for: Oxidative Stress and Age-Related Neurodegeneration

Table of Contents Proteomics Identification of Oxidatively Modified Proteins in the Alzheimer's Disease Brain and Models Thereof: Insights into Potential Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration, D. A. Butterfield, H. F. Poon, R. Sultana Direct Evaluation of Alzheimer's Disease-Specific Oxidative Stress with Multiphoton Microscopy, M. Garcia-Alloza, S.A. Dodwell, B.J. Bacskai Ginkgo biloba Extract and Alzheimer's Disease: Is the Neuroprotection Explained Merely by the Antioxidant Action? Y. Christen Mitochondrial Nutrients: Reducing Mitochondrial Decay to Delay or Treat Cognitive Dysfunction, Alzheimer's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease, J. Liu, B. N. Ames Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species: Weapons of NeuronalDestruction, J R. Mazzulli, S. Lind, H. Ischiropoulos Amyloid ? and Tau in Alzheimer's Disease: What is the Neuropathology Trying to Tell Us? R.J. Castellani, A. Nunomura, H. Lee, X. Zhu, G. Perry, M.A. Smith Antioxidant Therapies in the Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer Disease, PI. Moreira, X. Zhu, A. Nunomura, M.A. Smith, G. Perry F2-Isoprostanes as Biomarkers of Late Onset Alzheimer's Disease, T. J. Montine, J.F. Quinn, J.A. Kaye, J. D. Morrow Aspirin and Alzheimer's Disease Protection, S. E. Nilsson S. Berg The Disposition of Lipid-Derived Carbonyls in Alzheimer's Disease, M. J. Picklo, Sr, Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase System: Possible Roles in Protection against Neurodegenerative Diseases, J. Moskovitz, A.I. Bush Nutritional Antioxidant Enrichment and Improved Cognitive Function in Canines, E. Head, C.W. Cotman Green Tea and Resveratrol as Protective Agents against Neurotoxins, S. Bastianetto, H. Ying-Shan, Q. R?mi Oxidative Stress and A?PP Processing, T. Massimo, T. Elena Apple Phenolics and Alzheimer's Disease, H.J. Heo, D. Kim, C.Y. Lee Effects of Nicotine in Models of Alzheimer's Disease, B. Zhao The Essentiality of Iron Chelation in Neuroprotection: A Potential Role of Green Tea Catechins, S.A. Mandel, T. Amit, H. Zheng, O. Weinreb, M.B.H. Youdim Ginkgo biloba Extract Egb761 Extends Life Span and Attenuates H2O2 Levels in a Caenorhabditis elegans Model of Alzheimer's Disease, J.V. Smith, Y. Luo Cysteine Proteases as ?-Secretases for A? Production in the Major Regulated Secretory Pathway of Neurons: Implications for Therapeutic Strategies in Alzheimer's Disease, V. Hook, T. Toneff, G. Hook, T. Reisine The Molecular Mechanism of the Neuroprotective Action of Antioxidants Compared with the Anti-Parkinson Drug, Rasagiline, O. Weinreb, T. Amit, S.A. Mandel, M.B.H. Youdim Temporal Primacy of Oxidative Stress in the Pathological Cascade of Alzheimer Disease, A. Nunomura, K. Tabata, S. Chiba, M.A. Smith, G. Perry Age-Related Neuronal and Behavioral Deficits are Improved by Polyphenol-Rich Blueberry Supplementation, F.C. Lau, B. Shukitt-Hale, J.A. Joseph Amyloid-? Peptide, a Therapeutic Target for Alzheimer's Disease? Y. Luo, P. Butko Nutrition, Brain Aging, and Alzheimer's Disease, Y. Zhang, R. Li Interaction between Dietary and Genetic Deficiencies in the Modulation of Homocysteine Elimination, F. Tchantchou, T.B. Shea Nutriproteomics Approach to Understanding Dementia-Relevant Brain Protein Changes in Response to Grape Seed Extract, a Dietary Antioxidant, H. Kim, S. Eliuk, J. Deshane, S. Barnes, S. Meleth