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Index page for: Ethanol and the Liver: Mechanisms and Management

Table of Contents SPECIFIC LESIONS Alcoholic Fatty Liver, AJ. Bathgate and K.J. Simpson Alcoholic Hepatitus, H. Denk, K. Zatloukal, and C. Stumptner Fibrosis in Alcoholic Cirrhosis, S.W. French DIRECT AND INDIRECT CONSEQUENCES OF ALCOHOL METABOLISMGenetics of Ethanol Metabolism and Alcoholic Liver Disease, P.Y. Kwo and D.W. Crabb Acetaldehyde Adducts: Role in Ethanol-Induced Liver Disease, J. Koskinas MECHANISMS OF DAMAGE Free Radicals and Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury, E. Albano Ethanol and the Hepatic Microcirculation, R.S. McCuskey Cytokines and Alcohol Liver Disease, F.J. Laso, J.I. Madruga, and A. Orfao Adhesion Molecules and Chemokines in Alcoholic Liver Disease, N.C. Fisher and D.H. Adams Role of Endotoxin and Kupffer Cells as Triggers of Hypoxia-Reoxygenation in Alcoholic Liver Injury, R.G. Thurman, B.U. Bradford, K.T. Knecht, Y. Iimuro, G.E. Arteel, M. Yin, H.D. Connor, C. Rivera, J.A. Raleigh, M.V. Frankenberg, Y. Adachi, D.T. Forman, D. Brenner, M. Kadiiska, and R.P. Mason Ethanol and Protein Turnover, E. Volpi Insulin-Like Growth Factors: Clinical and Experimental, A.J. Donaghy Cellular Mechanisms of Liver Regeneration and the Effect of Alcohol, M. Phillips, E. Kashef, and R. Hughes Alcohol and Hepatocellular Carcinoma, S.D. Ryder Animal Models of Ethanol-Induced Liver Disease H.A. J?rvel?inen and K.O. Lindros EPIDEMIOLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS Epidemiology and Comparative Incidence of Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease, J.B. Saunders and B.M. Devereaux Serum Diagnosis of Alcoholic Liver Disease and Markers of Ethanol Intake, O. Niemel? EXTRAHEPATIC EFFECTS Extrahepatic Effects of Alcohol: An Overview, H.L. Reeves and C.P. Day Endocrine System, C. Gluud Cardiomyopathy and Skeletal Muscle Myopathy, A. Urbano-M?rquez, J. Fern?ndez-Sol?, and R. Estruch Cerebral Consequences of Alcoholic Liver Disease, R.F. Butterworth MANAGEMENT General Management of Alcoholic Liver Disease, M. Phillips and J. O'Grady The Role of the Psychiatrist in the Treatment of Alcoholic Liver Disease, J. Mart?nez-Raga and E.J. MarshallPharmacological Treatment for Alcoholic Hepatitis and Cirrhosis: Present Practice and Future Strategies, P. Mathurin and T. Poynard Nutritional Support in Alcoholic Liver Disease: Practical Management and Future Strategies, A. Madden Alcohol and Viral Hepatitis: Interactions and Management, A. Par?s and J. Caballer?a Liver Transplantation in Alcoholic Liver Disease, S.P. Pereira and R. Williams