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Index page for: Food consumption and disease risk: Consumer-pathogen interactions

Table of Contents FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE INTERACTIONS BETWEEN FOODBORNE PATHOGENIC AGENTS AND CONSUMERSIntroduction to foodborne illness: public health impact, pathogens and consumers, J.G. MorrisPopulations at Elevated Risk of Foodborne Disease, L.C. MedeirosGlobalisation of the Food Supply and the Influence of Economic Factors on the Contamination of Food with Pathogens, J.C. BuzbyTrends in Agricultural Management and Land Use and the Risk of Foodborne Disease, A.P. ManualeInfluence of Food Processing Practices and Technologies on Consumer-Pathogen Interactions, V.N. Scott and P.H. ElliottExposure Assessment for Foodborne Pathogens, N. Rachman, N. Tran and A.J. MillerUsing Surveillance Data to Characterize and Analyze Risk Factors for Foodborne Illness, P. Cowen, L. Jaykus and C. MooreHUMAN HOST FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE FOODBORNE DISEASENonspecific Host Defences Against Foodborne Pathogens, J. Green-JohnsonSpecific Immune Mechanisms of Defence Against Foodborne Pathogens, C. GahanEnhanced Susceptibility to Foodborne Infections and Disease Due to Underlying Illnesses and Pregnancy, J. KobayashiAGENT FACTORS OF PATHOGENICITY AND VIRULENCE THAT INFLUENCE FOODBORNE DISEASEEvolutionary Parasitology: The Development of Invasion, Evasion and Survival Mechanisms Used by Bacterial, Viral, Protozoan and Metazoan Parasites, J. FlegrFoodborne Microbes' Mechanisms of Colonization, Attachment and Invasion, B. JonesHijacking the Host Cell: Foodborne Pathogens' Strategies for Reproduction and Defence Evasion, M. Wiedmann and A. RobertsRole of Viruses in Foodborne Disease, C.L. Moe and J. LeonPathogenic Mechanisms of Foodborne Viral Disease, B. GoswamiPathogenic Mechanisms of Food and Waterborne Parasitic Disease, M.P. Craver and L. KnollDose-Response Relationships and Foodborne Disease, M. Zwietering and A. Havelaar