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Index page for: Food Packaging Science and Technology

Table of Contents OVERVIEW OF FOOD PACKAGING SYSTEMSIntroductionScience and Technology of Food PackagingSocioeconomic NeedsPackaging FunctionsPackaging EnvironmentsFood Packaging SystemsTables for Analyzing Food Packaging SystemsFood Package DevelopmentCHEMICAL STRUCTURES AND PROPERTIES OF PACKAGING MATERIALSChemical ConstituentsChemical BondingIntermolecular ForcesSpatial ArrangementsChemical Reactivity and Susceptibility of PackagingPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF PACKAGING MATERIALSIntroductionThermal PropertiesElectromagnetic PropertiesMechanical PropertiesPERMEATION OF GAS AND VAPORIntroductionBasic Concepts of PermeationTheoretical AnalysisTerminology and Units for PermeationPermeability Coefficients of Food Packaging PolymersFactors Governing PermeationMeasurements for Permeation PropertiesMIGRATION AND FLAVOR SCALPINGIntroductionPhenomenal Description of Migration ProcessMigration Issues in Food PackagingFlavor Scalping and SorptionMigration TestingPredictive Migration ModelsRegulatory Considerations FOOD PACKAGING POLYMERSBasic Concepts of PolymersPolymerization ReactionsPlastics versus PolymersComposition/Processing/Morphology/Properties RelationshipsCharacteristics of Packaging PolymersFood Packaging PolymersPolymer ProcessingGLASS PACKAGINGIntroductionChemical StructureGlass PropertiesGlass Containers ManufacturingGlass Container Strengthening TreatmentsUse of Glass Containers in Food PackagingOther Ceramic ContainersMETAL PACKAGINGIntroductionAluminumCoated SteelsStainless SteelMetal CorrosionMetal Container ManufacturingProtective LacquersCELLULOSIC PACKAGINGIntroductionCellulose Fiber-MorphologyCellulose Fiber-ChemistryPaper and Paperboard ProductionPaper Bags & WrappingsCorrugated Board and BoxesFolding Cartons and Set-up BoxesComposite Cans and Fiber DrumsCartons for LiquidsMolded CelluloseCellophaneOther Quasi Cellulosic MaterialsEND-OF-LINE OPERATIONSIntroductionPrintingLabel and LabelingCodingSealing of Plastic SurfacesCase Study: Finding Sealing Conditions for a LLDPE FilmFOOD PACKAGING OPERATIONS AND TECHNOLOGYFood Packaging LineFilling of Liquid and Wet Food ProductsFilling of Dry Solid FoodsClosure and Closing OperationMethods of Wrapping and BaggingForm/Fill/SealVarious Forms of Contact and Contour PackagingCase StudiesTHERMALLY PRESERVED FOOD PACKAGING: RETORTABLE AND ASEPTICIntroductionThermal Destruction of Microorganisms and Food QualityBasics of Thermal Processing DesignHot FillingIn-container Pasteurization and SterilizationAseptic PackagingCase Study: Design of a Thermal-Processed Tray-Set Containing High- and Low-Acid FoodsVACUUM/MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE PACKAGINGBasic PrinciplesNon-respiring ProductsRespiring ProductsCase study: Design of Modified Atmosphere Package for BlueberriesMICROWAVABLE PACKAGINGMicrowaves and Microwave OvenMicrowave/Food/Packaging InteractionsChallenges in Microwave Heating of FoodsMicrowavable Packaging MaterialsInteractive Microwave Food PackagesCase Study: Effect of Metal Shielding on Microwave Heating UniformityACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT PACKAGINGIntroductionActive Packaging - Absorbing SystemActive Packaging - Releasing SystemActive Packaging - Other SystemIntelligent Packaging FrameworkSmart Packaging DevicesLegislative and Human Behavior IssuesCase Study: Intelligent Microwave Oven with Barcode ReaderSHELF LIFE OF PACKAGED FOOD PRODUCTSIntroductionFood Distribution ChannelCriteria Determining Shelf LifeKineticsMeasurements and PredictionCase Study: Shelf Life of a Potato Chip Product with Two Interacting Quality Deterioration MechanismsELEMENTS OF PACKAGING, DISTRIBUTION AND SHELF LIFE OF EACH CATEGORY FOODSIntroductionCereals and Bakery ProductsMeat and Fish ProductsDairy ProductsConfectionery ProductsFats and OilsDrinksFresh Fruits and VegetablesFrozen FoodsSUSTAINABLE FOOD PACKAGINGSustainable PackagingPackaging Related Environmental IssuesManagement of Packaging WastesRecycling of Packaging MaterialsBiodegradable MaterialsDegradable PackagingLife Cycle AssessmentSOCIOLOGICAL AND LEGISLATIVE CONSIDERATIONSIntroductionTamper Evident PackagingProduct LiabilityLabeling Information