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Index page for: Handbook of Postharvest Technology: Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables, Tea, and Spices

Table of Contents Properties, grades, harvesting and threshing: structure and composition, physical and thermal properties, grading. Drying: grain drying - fundamentals, grain drying systems, commercial grain drier. Storage and handling: grain storage - perspectives and problems, structural considerations - warehouse and silo, controlled/modified atmosphere storage. Milling: wheat milling, milling of corn, oat and barley, rice milling and processing. Postharvest technology of fruits and vegetables: postharvest physiology, maturity and quality grades, cooling and storage. Pastharvest technology of coffee, tea and cocoa: coffee, tea, cocoa. Miscellaneous: conversion and utilization of biomass, utilization of by-products from fruits and vegetables, control systems in agricultural applications.