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Index page for: Marine and Freshwater Products Handbook

Table of Contents GENERAL INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUNDMarine Fisheries and Management, John V. MerrinerHarvesting, Robert L. ColletteAQUATIC LIFE - CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGYComposition of Marine and Freshwater Finfish and Shellfish Species and Their Products, Juan L. Silva and Roberto S. ChamulOsmoregulation in Freshwater and Marine Fishes, Eric M. HallermanBiology of Certain Commercial Mollusk Species, Carter Newell, W. Michael Peirson, Harriett M. Perry, John D. Cirino, Robert A. Fisher, and Robert J. PriceBiology of Certain Commercial Crustaceans, Russell J. Miget, Michael G. Haby, Bohdan M. Slabyj, Robert C. Bayer, and Michael J. OesterlingMajor Marine Finfish Species, Frank J. SchwartzCommercial Harvest and Biology of Major Freshwater Finfish Species, Roy C. HeidingerOther Aquatic Life of Economic Significance, William L. Rickards III, John A. Keinath, Robert J. Price, Michael W. Moody, and Roy E. MartinPROCESSING AND PRESENTATIONProcessing and Preservation of North Atlantic Groundfish, Robert J. Learson and Joseph J. LicciardelloProcessing of Blue Crab, Shrimp, and King Crab, Dawn R. WardHandling and Processing Crawfish, Michael W. MoodyThe Molluscan Shellfish Industry, Cameron R. Hackney and Thomas E. RippenPreservation of Squid Quality, Robert J. LearsonOptional Processing Methods, Roy E. Martin, Custy F. Fernandes, Robert J. LearsonFurther Processed Seafood, Ronald J. SasielaSmoked, Cured, and Dried Fish, Michael W. Moody, George J. Flick Jr., Roy E. Martin, and Angela I. CorreaSpecialty Seafood Products, Ken Gall, Kolli P. Reddy, and Joe M. RegensteinProcessing of Surimi and Surimi Seafoods, Tyre C. Lanier, Jae W. ParkTransportation, Distribution, and Warehousing, Roy E. MartinREGULATIONIntroduction to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Food Safety Control System, Donn R. WardReligious Food Laws and the Seafood Industry, Joe M. Regenstein and Carrie E. RegensteinDesign of Quality and Safety Management Systems for Full-Service Retail Seafood Departments, Michael G. Haby, Russell J. MigetOTHER USEFUL PRODUCTS FROM THE SEASeaweed Products, Brian Rudolph and Martha LlanerasFish Meal and Oil, Anthony P. BimboFish Protein Concentrates, Roland FinchCultured Pearls, Shigeru AkamatsuIndustrial Products, George J. Flick Jr., Roy E. Martin, and Angela I. CorreaBioactive Compounds from the Sea, Chris M. Ireland, Brent R. Copp, Mark P. Foster, Leonard A. McDonald, Derek C. Radisky, and J. Christopher SwerseySEAFOOD SAFETYContamination in Shellfish-Growing Areas, Robert E. CroonenberghsIllnesses Associated With Consumption of Seafood, Peter D. R. Moeller, Jeffrey C. Wolf, Stephen A. Smith, Cheryl Woodley, and Patricia FairCONSUMER ACCEPTANCEMarketing Fish and Shellfish, Charles W. Coale, Jr.Cookery, Laurie M. DeanFactors Relating to Finfish Flavor, Odor, and Quality Changes, John SpinelliFUTURE OUTLOOKAquaculture, William G. Gordon, Richard T. LovellFish and Seafood Import and Export, Richard E. Gutting, Jr. and Roy E. MartinFuture of the Industry, Richard E. Gutting Jr.RESOURCE LIST OF WEB SITES, Thomas E. RippenINDEX