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Index page for: Handbook of Nutrition in the Aged, Third Edition

Table of Contents NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION AND HEALTHNutrition and Electrolytes in the Elderly, M. MoseleyVitamin C in Health and Diseases of the Elderly, H.N. Bhagavan and M. CohenAging and Nutritional Needs, W. MirieNutrition and Elderly Cancer Patients, L. Pironi, E. Ruggeri, and F. MecchiaUNDERNUTRITION: ROLE IN LONGEVITYTrace Element Requirements of the Elderly, S.A. Udipi, P. Ghugre, H. Hoskote, and K. KenjleEarly Undernutrition: Good or Bad for Longevity?, A. Aihie Sayer and C. CooperAssessment of Nutritional Status in the Older Adult, A. HulsBone Loss, Body Mass Index, and Fracture Histories in an Arizona Elderly Population, W.A. StiniGender Differences in Nutritional Lifestyles in the Aged, K. Kano and S. ToyokawaUndernutrition: A Factor of Accelerated Immune Aging in Healthy and Diseased Aged Persons, B.M. LesourdMECHANISTIC STUDIES OF NUTRITION AND HEALTH IN THE ELDERLYNutrition in the Aged: Nursing Perspectives, M.A. WoodtliOverweight and Obesity in the Aged, D. Kumar Dey and B. SteenImmune Reactivity in the Elderly: Influence of Dietary Factors and Disease withEmphasis on Lipid Alterations, T.M. StulnigCarbohydrate Metabolism and Aging, R.C. Ruhe and R.B. McDonaldChemical Senses and Food Choices in Aging, A. Drewnowski and V. Warren-MearsChanges in Protein Turnover as a Function of Age and Nutritional Status, W. Ward and A. RichardsonMultifarious Health Benefits of Exercise and Nutrition, M.D. Haub and W.W. CampbellEffect of Aging on Intestinal Lipid Absorption, M. Keelan and A.B.R. ThomsonNUTRITIONAL THERAPIES AND PROMOTION OF HEALTHNutrition and the Geriatric Surgery Patient, S. Winkler, M.C. Bogert, and C.K. HermanTube Feeding in the Nursing Home, C. RussellEffective Nutrition Education Strategies to Reach Older Adults, U. Beate KrinkeNutritional Modulation of Neurodegenerative Disorders, H. Yost and E.W. KligmanAntioxidants as Therapies of Diseases of Old Age, T. Bermejo Vicedo and F. J. Hidalgo CorreasIndex