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Table of Contents INTRODUCTION, James L. AndersonThe diversity and importance of the international seafood tradeOrigins and development of the seafood trade The role of exclusive economic zones (EEZs) Wild fisheries management and the emerging role of aquacultureTRENDS IN CAPTURE AND AQUACULTURE PRODUCTION, James L. Anderson, Jonathan R. King, and Josue Martinez-GarmendiaWorld fisheries productionCapture production Aquaculture productionWorld shrimp aquaculture and capture production World salmon and trout production World cod, hake, pollack and haddock production World tuna and bonito productionWorld tilapia and cichlid production TRENDS IN THE INTERNATIONAL SEAFOOD TRADE, James L. Anderson and Josue Martinez-GarmendiaFactors influencing the international seafood tradeNet trade flows TRADE BY MAJOR SEAFOOD GROUP, James L. Anderson, Josue Martinez-Garmendia, and Jonathan R. King Shrimp and prawns Salmon and troutTunaGroundfishCrab and lobsterCephalopodsFUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE APPLIED TO FISHERIES, James L. AndersonConventional approach to international trade analysisThe bioeconomics of fishery supplyFisheries and international trade PRICE DISCOVERY, James L. Anderson and Josue Martinez-GarmendiaAuctionsIndividual negotiation Bargaining by fisherman's groupsConsignment salesLong-term contracts and vertical integrationPrice transparency Futures and optionsFutures and options at workAppendix 1: Minneapolis Grain Exchange: shrimp futures Appendix 2: Kansai Commodities Exchange, Osaka, Japan: frozen shrimp futures SEAFOOD MARKET RESEARCH, James L. Anderson and Josue Martinez-GarmendiaEmpirical methodsDataAQUACULTURE, FISHERIES AND EVOLUTION OF THE MARKET, James L. AndersonProduction costsMarket factors influencing competitivenessThe difference between aquaculture and traditional fisheriesINSTITUTIONS AND MEASURES OF IMPORTANCE TO INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN SEAFOOD, Jonathan R. King and James L. AndersonThe General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the World Trade Organization Initial processingThe Convention on the International Trade of Endangered SpeciesThe US Pelly AmendmentAdditional US trade measuresTrade and environment conflicts THE SEAFOOD CONSUMER, TRADE AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Cathy A. RoheimThe economics of labelingDemand and supply of attributesEcolabelling ConclusionsAPPENDIX: INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN SHRIMP: A CASE STUDY, Michael J. Bush