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Table of Contents PrefaceIntroductionInteractions between Stress, Food and MoodC. R. MarkusUniversity of Masstricht, BelgiumIntroductionBrain Mechanisms Involved in MoodFood, the Brain and MoodCarbohydrates and MoodInteractions between Stress, Food and MoodConclusions and Future TrendsReferencesMood, Cognitive Function, Nutritional and Other SupplementsP. ClaytonConsultant and former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK Government Committee on the Safety of MedicinesIntroductionB VitaminsAntioxidantsPolyunsaturated Fatty AcidsPhospholipids Other Nutritional FactorsHerbal and Other SupplementsReferencesThe Range of Medicinal Plants Influencing Mental and Physical PerformanceT. S. C. LiAgriculture and Agri-Food CanadaIntroductionMedicinal Plants, Mental and Physical PerformanceFunctions of Medicinal Plants on Mental and Physical PerformanceEffects of Medicinal Plants on Mental and Physical PerformanceConcerns about the Safety and Quality of Medicinal PlantsFuture TrendsSources of Further Information and AdviceReferencesPhyto-oestrogens and Cognitive FunctionS. Kreijkamp-Kaspers and Y. T van der SchouwUniversity Medical Centre Utrecht, The NetherlandsIntroductionCognitive FunctionConventional Hormone Replacement Therapy and CognitionPhyto-oestrogensEffects on Cognitive Function: Animal StudiesEffects on Cognitive Function: Human StudiesSummary and ConclusionReferencesGinsengD. D. Kitts and D. G. PopovichUniversity of British Columbia, CanadaIntroductionChemistry of GinsengDetection and Extraction of Bioactive Components from GinsengBioactivity and Metabolism of Ginseng ExtractsAnti-stress and Cognitive Performance PropertiesImmunological and Antioxidant PropertiesBioactivity of Specific GinsenosidesNon-ginsenoside BioactivityThe Safety of GinsengQuality Control and Use in FoodFuture TrendsReferencesGinkgo Biloba and Alzheimer's DiseaseB. D. OomahAgriculture and Agri-Food CanadaIntroductionChemistryFunctional EffectsRole in Managing Alzheimer's DiseaseSafety IssuesConclusionReferencesFunctional Ingredients in Sports DrinksR. J. MaughanAberdeen University Medical School, UKIntroduction: Challenges of Athletic PerformanceFormulation of Sports Drinks: Carbohydrate ContentFormulation of Sports Drinks: OsmolalityFormulation of Sports Drinks: Electrolyte Composition and ConcentrationFormulation of Sports Drinks: Flavouring ComponentsFuture Trends: Other Active IngredientsSources of Further Information and AdviceReferencesPharmacological Functions of Green Tea PolyphenolsT. P. Rao, T. Okubo, D-C. Chu and L. R. JunejaTaiyo Kagaku Co. Ltd, JapanIntroductionAntibacterial activityAntiviral activityAntioxidant functionsConclusionsReferencesCaffeine, Mental Performance and MoodJ. E. JamesNational University of IrelandIntroductionSources of Caffeine and Consumption PatternsChemistry and PharmacologyBiological Mechanism of Action and DependencePsychomotor PerformanceCognitive PerformanceThe Caffeine Deprivation (Withdrawal Relief) HypothesisMoodReinforcing Properties of CaffeineChallenges to the Caffeine Deprivation HypothesisFuture TrendsSources of Further InformationAcknowledgementReferences