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Index page for: Dietary Tannins: Consequences and Remedies

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION. PLANT PHENOLICS: STRUCTURE, CLASSIFICATION, and BIOSYNTHESIS. Structure and Classification. Biosynthesis. OCCURRENCE, NATURE, and COMPOSITION. Significance in Plant Growth. Tannins in Cereals. Tannins in Legumes. Tannins in Fruits and Vegetables. Tannins in Wine. Tannins in Tea. Tannins in Forages. METHODS of TANNIN ANALYSIS. General Considerations. Vanillian Assay. Oxidation-Reduction Methods. Protein Precipitation Methods. Factors Influencing Tannin Analysis. NUTRITIONAL CONSEQUENCES of DIETARY TANNINS. Mechanisms of Tannin Toxicity. Tannins in Ruminant Nutrition. Physiological Adaptation to Tannins: Defense Mechanism. REMOVAL and DETOXIFICATION of DIETARY TANNINS. Dehuling. Soaking. Chemical Deactivation of Tannins. Metabolic Detoxification of Dietary Tannins: Cooking. Germination. Drying and Storage. Plant Breeding Systems. TANNINS in CROP PRODUCTION. Losses Due to Birds, Pests, and Pathogens. Bird Resistance. Preharvest Seed Germination. Resistance to Pests and Diseases. INDEX.